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A G Ross


Finally ..... THE TRUTH I first heard about Mr. Mottley thru his son Kian who is my barber. He one day proudly let me know his dad had published a book.  I never got a chance to investigate it, but nearly a year later he entered the salon and I had him cut my hair.  As he proceeded I asked him to cut the back low and he said it would be difficult to cut around my hotdog rolls...(the fat on my head).  We laughed about it but what he said next caught my attention.  "I could show you how to get rid of those," he said.  He then told about a breathing technique that had me skeptical.  He then told me about the book I now consider my second Bible.  I purchased it and once again skeptically tried some of the exercises.  As I noticed a slight change I read more and more.  I began telling everyone about this man and his "O.N.E." (Oxygen Nutrition Exercise)!  Some listen.  Most laugh and joke ...... "It's my inspiration."  As you can see I'm a little long winded ....LOL... I started my"LIV~IT"around about the middle of June.  I was 272lbs; at one time ...diagnosed with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Bipolar.  I was prescribed numerous amounts of medication that I refused to take.  My outlook on life changed, I now started vigorously reading and applying Mr. Mottley's Waste Loss Protocol.  Mid October I went for a physical with my physician and noticed I had dropped about 40lbs ...WOW... he said.  I see you've been following my instructions and diet.  I said "No I'm not on any diet I'm on a"LIV~IT." I proceeded to advise him on what I've been doing.  He took tests .. no High Blood Pressure..High Cholesterol...no Diabetes Trait... He then advised he needed to put me on a steroid because of my rapid weight loss.  No sir not for me.  I went from a 44 waist size to a 36 waist... I'm living proof, if you open your mind to what you read and follow, your health and life will greatly change... I'm not fully following the Protocol and I'm still loosing. Aaron my friend thank you from the bottom of my heart to the top of my soul anthonygross@verizon.net


It's mid March 2012 and I'm glad to report that Mr. Ross is now less than 215 lbs.

September 2014 and he still just over 200 lbs and in great health.

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