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Testimonial: Salon Owner 2010


When I was first approached about doing the Breath Master and Internal Fitness at my place of business I was hesitant.  Because it was new information I thought it would be hard.  As I started I found it to be easy and had fun in the process.  I learned a lot about the breath and how the body functions and how it affects overall health.


The following results I experienced were, a 20 pound weight loss, an increase in energy, stamina and mental focus.


As a Shop owner being able to provide my staff with an opportunity to improve their health was empowering. Felicia, one of my staff members, as well as several of my clients, benefited from the information and actual hands on training that was available on site.


Felicia stated that she actually lost 25 lbs over a 2 ½ month period of training and subsequent continuation after the class.


As a small business owner I highly recommend this program, as a way of providing health support for a staff and any clientele that may participate.  It is also an excellent bonding tool for team building and customer rapport.




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