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My experience with Mr. Mottley had to do with me being anemic due in part to excessive menstrual flow.  He suggested that I use an herbal combination that he provided.  As a result, I was amazed by the outcome.  The amount of time I stayed on my cycle decreased from 7 or more days to 3 to 4 manageable days.  The usual heavy days were lighter and the usual light days were much lighter.  I couldn’t believe it.


I felt mellow during my menstrual time because I was not being flooded out.  It didn’t even feel like I was on my cycle.  It was amazing to me that he could create an herbal drink that could change my cycle to become more manageable and that kept me mellow.  How can a man know so much about a woman’s body?


He is a good Holistic Health provider.  I highly recommend him, Aaron Mottley the Internal Fitness Trainer.


V.M., Foster Mom,  2011

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