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This is an excert from a conversation at one of my Book Signings.


Davina:  I'm always anxious, and have had anxiety all my life.

Aaron:   Follow my instructions on the Breath Mastery Technique(tm).

Davina:  I feel relaxed in just one breath!

             I've never experienced anything like this before!

             I'm a School Teacher and I've never been taught anything like this!

             This needs to be taught in the schools!

             This is amazing!  


Shaun B.


In the week that I have had the book this has been the most powerful and explosive 5 or 6 days of my life.  I turned 40 in June this year I felt that my body and health has been going down.  Just following the two chapters you told me to read, I haven't begun to read the entire book, it has truly changed my life.  I feel that I will be around for my children's children. After loosing my Father and Grandfather both at the age of 53, I want more than 13 years.




I must admit, I have been reading the book and putting the breathing exercises into practice. After only a couple of days I do feel a difference in my mood - it is generally more uplifted!  I especially appreciate that you give explanation to "why" in terms of specifics because as you noted, because this stuff is really simple, it can seem to not be important.  For example, making the "haah" sound when breathing out during the BMT pushes the diaphragm enabling better air flow.  This helps make the exercise benefit more real. 



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