This synergistically woven multi-layered multi-dimentional and highly therapeutic form of energy treatment breaks barriers, moves emotions, attunes energies, resonates throughout the Central Nervous System easing pain with a cascading effect that continues for 24-48 hours and beyond the actual treatment itself and changes lives spontaneously.  All beneficiaries have a sound sleep the night of treatment as the body goes into another layer of attunment and regeneration.  Read the profound testimonies below of a few of those who have received this cutting edge new service.

A. R. 

After my treatment as I was on my way home I felt my lungs open and I had a memory of a childhood incident that I hadn't recalled since then and I was overcome with sadness.  Tears fell and when it was over I felt a great burden lift that I didn't realize had been with me since that time over 40 years ago.


C. B. 

With each treatment its as if another layer of emotions surface and are lifted.  Also when I continue the breathing technique afterwards this seems to continue.  This has been more effective than counseling for me.



You must have done something to my Aura, everything is so much clearer evens days later.  Wow.


A. D.

I suffer from a rare form of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and even pain medication doesn't work most of the time. Immediately after I couldn't believe the flexibility I had in my hand and arm and the relaxed feeling that felt like the feeling we call normal that is taken for granted.  And to my even greater surprise this continued for nearly a week afterwards.  Thank You So Much.

The Testimonial below is the result of the H.E.A.R.T. Touch Therapy. Though the recepient uses the word massage IT IS NOT A MASSAGE, it IS a HOLISTIC ENERGY TREATMENT that is a form of Touch Therapy that is a new offering for my clientele. This client gives clear testiment to it's effeciveness. Thank you very much Jenny. I will stay in touch. :-)
Oh and the Reflexogy she refers to is done by Carol the REflexologist please follow the link.
To: info@internalfitnesstrainer.com
Date: August 2, 2013 at 4:16 PM
Subject: Change 
My name is:   Jenny D. G.
Several weeks ago, I happened to visit the Healthy Back Store located in Duke St. Alexandria.  I noticed that a gentleman was giving a massage.  Boy did I wanted one.  I was offered a reflexology massage to which offer I said "yes.  I really did enjoy it.  When I came out of the massage I was offered a massage with the gentleman I noticed when I entered the store.
This person, name is Master Aaron Mottley.  Not only he gave me an extraordinary massage but he cured me from a pain that I have suffered  for several weeks, I almost can say to be exact two months.
After the massage was over and I spoke with Master Mottley we decided to go home.  As I pulled from the parking place, I noticed that I WAS ABLE TO TURN MY NECK TO THE LEFT.  I was able to see the incoming traffic.  I really cannot remember when was the last time I was able to do that.  Since that day 3 weeks ago, the pain is gone, I can move my neck.
I don't want to forget to mention that I have been visiting a chiropractor and my pain was there, Master Mottley is a miracle worker.
Thank you Master Mottley, and thank you for your book, I highly recommend it to everyone.

As a Reflexologist I have received different energy work treatments from varying modalities.  By far H.E.A.R.T. Touch lifts and shifts more negative and stagnant energy and stuck emotions, quicker and more effectively than all the others I have experienced before.

Carol the Reflexologist

Brother Aaron,


Around fourteen months ago (5/13), my wife had a stroke. Although her condition was constand, we decided to try your therapy. We are not aware of any mahor changes in her organs in that she has not been examined. However after one month of therapy, we are aware of the improvements in her right arm which she had ceased using prior to this treatment. She insists that she feels better after every session and she now sleeps throuth the night. We highly recommend this therapy based on what we have experienced in just one month. We intend to contunue!


Peace and Blessings


PME, NW Washington, DC

Heart touch therapy


This week I experienced H.E.A.R.T. Touch Therapy a unique fusion of accupressure, meditation and reiki given by the internal fitness trainer Aaron Mottley.


To begin I was ushered into a quiet room. I sat in a chair, feet flat on the floor, with a small wooden block at my lower back, gentle music played in the background.


I was instructed to maintain deep and continous breathing throughout the session. The breath is essential to move and control the energy (life force=chi/qi)of the body. I had already realized its significance through meditation, and the healing arts of qi gong and tai chi. In Tantric yoga, breath synchronization facilitates the transfer and manipulation of energy between two bodies. It only made sense that our breathing patterns synced, allow him access to my energy system. It is evident that the healing arts overlap. The same techniques have been used around the world for thousands of years.


He placed firm pressure with his finger tips at various points along my spine and between my shoulders, in combination with what I call karate chop (the proper name for this technique is the tapotement stroke). He began at my upper back and slowly worked toward my lower. At first it seemed as though he was clearing a path, releasing all tension and blockage. When he began the ascent there was a new sensation. Finally, he placed two fingers between my brows and another parallel to that at the back of my head. Immediately, I saw the most intense white light ever seen with eyes wide shut. I could feel the energy pooling and becoming more concentrated in my 2nd chakra. As he released the pressure and removed his hands, the energy seemed to disprese evenly throughout my body. At  the close of the session I could feel an intense vibration emanating from within as if provoke by a genttle internal hum. My menstrual cramps had been alleviated and the slight headache that was forming before I arrived was gone. I could feel that even my blood flow had changed, There was no more tension in my shoulders. I was relaxed, peaceful. I did not want to move. When I opend my eyes, everything appeared clearer as if awakened anew.


Also, prior to this, during my meditation I would attempt to focus my attention to my heart. Despite mantra and affirmations, it's beat was nearly inaudible and my chest often felt heavy. After receiving the therapy I coule feel the stength of my heart beat with no effort. My heart chakra had been unblocked. The chi was alive and flowing well.


I returned home vibrant, radiating joy, and smiling from within. The healing had not ended, Master Mottley, as he is indeed a master of his craft had advised me to be attentive, present, and to submit to my intuition. It began to rain. As a child and even now, the sound of the rain was like a lullaby, a comforting sound that allowed me to drift peacefully asleep. Never at any point in my life had I had such a strong desire to go out into the rain. Barefoot and without an umbrella I ventured out into the elements. With each drop I became even more relaxed. I could feel the weigh of daily sterss and emotional baggage  sliding off my body and into the stream that ran past my feet.


I had been cleansed and anointed with divine love. It was a beautiful way to end what had begun hours ago.


This was my experience, a journey to peace, invigoration, healing and restoration.




It is important to understand that while most accounts of energy healing are given in terms of sensations and emotions that were felt, they cn be placed in a scientific context. Contratry to westernized ideology, there is no separation between spirituality and science. Energy healing can be explained by the concepts of elementary physics. For example, it is a fact that the body has it's own electromagnetic field. In order for an electromagnetic field to exist, there must be an elcetric current (energy flow). There are several internal and external energy systems of the body. Another fact to consider is that everything is energy. Einstein put this fact into a simple equation E=mc2. We have designed machines to manipulate and create energy. Is it not possible that the ultimate earthly machine, the human body, can not do the same? I could go on about thermodynamics and the law of conservation but I am by no means a physicist. However it can not be denied that when we study science and then we experience it first hand, truth is unavoidable. Indeed true science only confirms what is often considered "mystical".


N. Medical Student, Howard University, Washington, D.C. 2014

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