Warning: side effects of this training maybe: the end of anxiety and panic attacks; better self control and confidence in managing your mind and body in stressful events; the willingness to effortless help others suffering from respiratory issues; deep, restful sleep and most of all extreme BLISS!!!



This unique training is for those seriously committed to improving their well being and life in general. The breath affects every aspect of life and breath work enhances its impact exponentially. The techniques you will learn are simple and dynamic. The impact experienced is so powerful and transformative it seems magical. Even to the point of unbelievable. Even after days of knowing the difference of what your body felt like and the new found strength and ease you will feel in your Spirit. The breath is transformative and shifts physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual Being, spontanously and continuously. Once you experience the magic you will never be the same and those you share with will also know the power of the breath! 



Mastering the breathing process, increases lung capacity and aids: 


  1. Weight loss by ridding the body of toxic waste
  2. Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  3. Stamina, endurance and athletic performance
  4. Increased focus and mental clarity
  5. Meditation


The components of the Breath Mastery Technique(tm):


1.     Tongue Placement

2.     The Cleansing Breath

3.     The Void 


The segments and workings of the Lungs:


1.     Upper Level - Fight or Flight - Animal Nature

2.     Lower Level - Relaxation& Meditation - God Nature

3.     Downward Press

4.     Upward Pull

5.     Front to Back Press



Some of the techniques you will learn  are:


1.     The Breath Mastery Technique(tm)

2.     The Prayer Hands Breath

3.     The Three Sounds

4.     The Three Squeezes

5.     Knee Raises 


Breath work will be done in three positions


1.     Lying

2.     Seated

3.     Standing 


Breath Master Training / Certification



This is the second phase of the Breath Master training that will earn you the title of BREATH MASTER and set you up to train others in earnest. The first 30 days is the foundation laying portion where you learn, practrice and step into mastering the breath. In these next 30 days you will gain deeper knowledge of the breath and be guided through aspects of teaching others in a masterful way.


Becoming certified as a Breath Master earns you the distinct title and affords you the opportunity to teach the techniques and practices to others professionally. You will become a very important part of a cultural shift toward community health and wellbeing that will affect the healing of enhance humanity. Those who work in the areas of coaching, (all levels and types), yoga and meditation, will be greatly set apart from the field when they add the power of these techniques to their offerings. As the awareness of Breath Master training and certification grows the damand will increase tremendously. Those with the title will be sought after by organizations and individuals. As you become a Community/Family Health Leader this training will be invaluable.



Along with teaching others the components of Breath Master Training above you will help share with them how to:

  • flow with the breath
  • remain calm in stressful moments
  • lose weight by moving waste & toxins out of the body
  • maintain proper alignment
  • enhance body mechanics through movement
  • build stamina and endurance 
  • consistently conserve and spontaneously build energy
  • tone and strengthen key muscle groups for explosive action



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