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                                          Breath Mastery Technique

In this video I discuss the importance and power of the breath. The Breath Mastery Technique is explained. Practice this foundational technique to prepare you for the upcoming 2 Week 5-10lb Waste Loss Challenge, O.N.E. Workshop and other related events in 2016. 


                      Foods for "Brain Health"  why put up with Alzheimer's  

Cleanse your Colon, nourish your blood, liver, heart, brain and other organs. Feed the intestinal flora. For anyone you know with any type of health issue stemming from excess weight (waste), obesity, constipation and sluggish memory or brain function this will help them tremendously. Share this video. The information herein will save lives and improve quality of life. I LOVE MY WORK. 

         Make Your Own Easy to Use Sprouting Bowl & Grow Your Own

Hey don't throw that away, grow some food with that. RIGHT NOW! Follow this short and sweet slide show and transform would be land fiill waste into a very effective sprouter that will serve you for years to come. These small containers will allow you to grow pounds and pounds of high quality extremely nutritious sprouts that will enhance your health and improve your energy level and quality of life dramatically.

               Lets Get Raw with Collard Wrap filled with Tabbouleh & Guacomole

You want to eat healthy. Why? To be healthy, to get rid of your diseases. TO LIVE

This is high octane, nutrient dense body cleansing, SUPER healthy eating.

WATCH, LISTEN, AND LEARN. Prepare and eat this delicious F.O.O.D. and be transformed.

Check the ANTI-CANCER "Bitter Powder" recipe at the 24:40 mark.