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Internal Fitness Trainer                                                                        (240)848-5448

Life Solution 2016 Lose the Waste Lose the Weight

This will absolutely change your life starting with each improved breath. The free Breath Mastery Technique you've already experienced drives the waste removal and increased vibrant energy. Let's ramp it up with delicious F.O.O.D. and gentle consistent intense movement. Sign up now. Remember we start in earnest on 1/15/2016. Those paid up by then will be well on their way with the added bonus of early bird info to get them moving even before then. Limited time limited space, great results. Get your ticket to your Live~it NOW!

Weight (Waste) Loss Program (Protocol)

This very dynamic program will immerse you in the O. N. E. Methodology.  Allowing you to quickly transform your health and body. You will complete a Holistic Helath Questionnaire; you will be given a Full Body Composition Scan at the beginning of each consultation phase.  During the course of this program you will also maintain a Healthy Transistions Journal. You will be asked to document and keep track of changes in the following:


  • Before during and after pictures
  • Breath / Lung Capacity
  • Weight / Measurements
  • Body Mass Index
  • Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Biological Age
  • Other Health Indicators 


A Protocol will be tailored for your specific needs at each phase.


You will be immersed and trained in:


  • Breath Mastery Technique(tm)
  • Prayer Hands Movement
  • Breath of Life Clinic
  • BioDynamic Nutrition
  • Internal Fitness Series(tm)


Phase I cost is $100 plus the cost of the book.


Phase II and beyond including reassessment and re-scan will be held in 3-4 week intervals; fee $65.


Your Protocol will be revised accordingly and additional training will take place with each visit.  A minimum of 4 visits is recommended.  However you can choose to continue on as you see fit and recommended.


Pay in advance and recieve the 4th session free.


You are encouraged to drop into ongoing Breath Mastery & Internal Fitness classes to reinforce your efforts during this program.  You will be recieve a 50% discount for classes within 30 days of each consultation phase.


You will also receive 20% discount on H.E.A.R.T. Touch and Reflexology sessions rendered within 30 days of each consultation phase. Highly recommended to reinforce your efforts and transition to better health and quality of life.


Start at any time.  Support will be provided by email, text and phone.  


Groups of 5 or more will recieve a 10% discount per person.

Group support will include team strategies that will enhance and accelerate benefits.


Referrals will earn you 10% of amount paid.