Internal Fitness Trainer (240)848-5448
Internal Fitness Trainer                                                                        (240)848-5448


Reflexology is an ancient practice of manipulating and applying pressure to points and areas of the hands and feet. In essence it is acupressure for the hands and feet; being most effective on the feet. The hands and feet when superimposed with the image of the body and its internal organs reflect the flow of nerves and energy throughout the body. When applying pressure or manipulating a specific correlating point or area the corresponding body part receives nerve impulses that move energy and rebalances the energy level in that body part or point, whether the energy is congested(inflamed) or diminished(week). This allows the body to do what it does best under the right conditions; heal itself.


Let me help move your body toward its own reflection of optimal health.”

Master Aaron­­­­­­


1/2 Hour Session $45     (3) 1/2 Half Hour Sessions  $110    /  $135 value


1 Hour Session $75    (3) 1 Hour Sessions  $180   /  $225 value